Saggy boobs are NOT the problem

I don’t get why people don’t like saggy boobs.  I like saggy boobs.  I mean, not too saggy, not like flat, African tribe, Papua New Guinea, National Geographic type of saggy boobs but average saggy boobs.  Like boobs that you can tell were large before and now they are a little bit saggy, and a little flatter on the end, not completely flat.  Not nasty flat tits that you can lift up and it’s still flat–kind of a chest pancake kind of thing.  It can be an acquired taste.  It is a private little fetish.

How do you fix saggy boobs?  Is it even worth “fixing”? A lot of  husbands complain that their wives’ breast got a little larger with pregnancy, filled with milk, and start to look sexy, the areola gets all dark, but after all that excitement (and the rush of something new and the freaky pregnant sex), they face saggy boobs.  They consider that a problem. Saggy breast after pregnancy.  Also many men complain that breastfeeding aggravates the saggy breast “problem”.

I don’t see a problem.  I see saggy breasts as part of a woman’s natural cycle.  A woman gets pregnant, her body changes shape, and after she’s given birth her body changes shape again.  Your expectations as a man, and as her lover, should grow and mature with her body’s cycles as well.  That how you maintain a healthy sexual relationship.  How you fantasize about your woman, how you conceptualize your woman, and how you imagine her beauty to be are all part of your sexual relationship.  These have to accommodate her body changes in order for your sex life to improve.  This includes accepting saggy boobs.  So instead of fixating on, or focusing on, or obsessing on how to fix saggy breasts, men should really man the fuck up and realize that saggy boobs can be sexy.  Flat saggy tits part of a woman’s natural body cycle.  Be aware of it, understand it, embrace it, and after awhile love it, because that is what will take your sex life to the next level.

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Gigantic boobs can kill

There’s a saying that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  That’s why I have titled this blog post, “Gigantic Boobs Can Kill”.  Let’s face it, if you’re a guy who doesn’t get much exercise, is overweight, a chain smoker, and is pretty much in bad shape coming across gigantic boobs MIGHT KILL YOU!  That might seem funny and farfetched, but I’ve been to enough porn conventions and seen hot, busty models, with newly enlarged, and enhanced breasts just shock their fans!

It’s somethin’ else–just like watching a tiger in real life.  I mean you’ve seen tigers in National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and you say, ah it’s a tiger.  But when you see it in real life charging at you and all of a sudden it’s in your face.  It’s not so much that you’re in danger. Just experience of being in the immediate presence of such a tremendous animal produces an emotional high!  So can you imagine seeing big breast naturals in your face, or on your face, or on your dick–it may be too much for the average red blooded all American guy to handle. The same goes for lingerie-clad big breasts flopping down in front of your face at a bar.  While it brings smiles to many people’s faces, unexpected boobage might lead to a medical emergency!  No joke. Especially if you’re past 70 and you’re in bad shape.  So just a friendly health alert from this blog, Gigantic Boobs can kill! Make sure that you stand far away first.  Be mentally ready for those huge massive breasts, ‘coz they have their own gravitational field.  It’s hard to look at a busty woman straight in the eyes, your eyes are constantly being dragged down to her tits. Same thing with gigantic boobs.  If you’re not paying attention a woman passing by with massive boobs might be the last sight you see.  So take this healthy advice from me.

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Boobs alert are getting harder to come by

I write porn reviews for a living.  I get paid to look at gigabytes upon gigabytes of porn everyday.  It might seem “cool” but there’s a big problem—porn burnout.  I guess the same way a waitress working at a coffee shop gets kind of annoyed when she goes home after a hard day and sees yet another cup of coffee.   Depending on how you look at it, burnout can push you into a higher sense or lower sense of sensitivity to women’s bodies, to sexiness, to sex.  I feel like I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen thousand of models, pictures, videos, even webcam chats.  It’s hard to get fazed nowadays.

It’s really hard to say to myself “Whoa! Boobs alert!” or “nice rack”, or “nice hangers” or nice knockers.  Boobs alert is an  alert for high quality boobs.  I go over a lot of D cup pictures and a lot of them are just large breasts on women with soft buttery faces.  Most are homely.  It’s like looking at a cow, you know a cow is very homely yet it has large tits.  You don’t see me getting in line to nail a cow! So after seeing hundreds of these images per day , it is hard to come across with someone that would slap you in the face and yell “This is an amazing rack!”

My “problem” extends to busty celebrities.  We’re looking at B-C range.  There are not a lot of D cups!  Dolly Parton comes to mind but she doesn’t turn me on.  Sad.  So here I am… looking at all those double D cup, C cup, large C cup pictures and videos and quickly building up a tolerance.  The ocassional boobs alert is a very pleasant and welcome surprise.  Boobs alert require a nice rack  but also revolves around the quality of the model–how she looks, how she acts, how intense her fuck game is, that kind of thing.  I think for this new attitude of looking for quality should get me over the feeling of being jaded.  Nothing is worse for your job when you don’t get turned on anymore.  Using this standard I’d get to appreciate and spot a quality rack better.  Just like any specialist.  I’m sure if you’ve been to an ice cream shop, every cone of ice cream is good to you, but the guy who works there, who samples it day in and day out, he has to have a system to make sure that he is on alert for high quality ice cream. And that’s my philosophy when it comes to big boobies porn as well.  You should benefit from my experience.

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Make space for milky boobs

Most men don’t react to the idea of pregnant sex too well.  They think it’s nasty.  They think it’s gross.  Especially with lactating tits and breast milk splattering. Also, some men think that their pregnant wives or girlfriends are unattractive because they start looking fatter or misshapen.  I think that’s sad.  Equally sad, many guys have a definition of beauty that is more along the lines of Kate Moss–rail thin models with a teen/druggie hippy look.  Everybody has his thing so it’s kind of sad to bring those preferrences to act as  a wall against appreciating the beauty of milky boobs.  Milky boobs may be an acquired taste but it’s one nice taste to have.  My personal experience comes from when I was dating this Mexican girl who just loves to fuck anywhere, anytime, anyway.  I mean we fucked in a McDonald’s bathroom when she was applying for a job as a burger flipper there.  She was that freaky.  Anyway, I wasn’t the only guy banging her–I was one of maybe three guys she was seeing at the same time and one of us knocked her up.  I wasn’t that into her or in love with her, or wanna be the guy that knocked her up.  Her belly got bigger and, in my eyes at least, she became sexier.  She was hornier-that’s for sure.  But there was just something about her physique – swollen milky boobs, swollen belly, and that kind of thing that had this voluptuous look to it.  She has just gotten more curvy and her body got softer and you just felt her presence more and fucking became a lot more fun.  She had a lot more energy and enthusiasm that her body was a nice curvy blanket all over mine.  She milked my cock a lot, it must’ve felt like gallons.  My nuts exploded everytime I came during those times I was bangin her while she was pregnant.  That was the  beginning of me looking at pregnat women differently.Previously, I thought pregnancy was a weird state that a woman goes through- a fucked up but temporary state that she goes through.  An inconvenient period, you know, that you’re hoping she gets through quickly so she can get back to normal.  Nowadays, I view pregnancy as a part of woman’s life cycle and it’s sexy.  A woman doesn’t stop being sexy when she gets pregnant.  If anything, being pregnant has its own flavors and opportunities and different kinks you can try.

Although my Mexican girlfriend and I had broken up and we both moved on, she has given me pregnant fantasies and now I look forward to coming across a chick that’s knocked up.  If I knock-up a girl that wouldn’t be a boner killer for me at all.  Those milky boobs, definitely got me coming back.

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Perfect boobs are too rare

One problem with life  is that we’re always looking for perfection –  the perfect job, perfect family, perfect game, perfect hobby, you name it.   The problem with perfection is that it can’t be reached because if it can be reached then it is, by definition, no longer perfect.  Know what I mean?  The same goes with women.  We’re looking for the perfect girlfriend, the perfect wife, the perfect blow-job, the perfect piece of ass.  But really all these revolve around what we want, and its not always attainable because it revolves around us and our ever changing subjective standards.  As I’ve gotten older, I realized that the perfect relationship is above and beyond what I would bring to the table or what my girlfriend or wife would bring to the table.  It’s what both of us would bring.  Funny enough, that’s been my experience when thinking about the perfect boobs.

When I was a kid I always thought that bigger was always better.  Large globes are better than mosquito bite-sized titties on a chick’s chest.  Bouncing large globes/ mounds of tit flesh are way better than saggy, flat, national geographic African village tits.  But as I had gotten older the idea of what defines perfect boobs has changed in my my mind.  It has less to do with a particular shape or particular size, but more to do with how you feel with that person. Don’t get me wrong–I’m still a big fan of busty models but at the end of the day, its not the titties that you would be waking up to, it’s the person the titties are connected to.  It has to be the whole person that goes with the sexiness besides having a nice rack that you could bury your face in and stick your dick in, or cum all over.  It’s somebody that enjoys a good time, not only should she be able to blow a mean dick or tongue your ass or rub her tits your face, but she should also moan in appreciation.  As I get older I realized that sex is a two way street, and it’s kind of a jazz concert thats always different each time you do it.  So that’s how I define perfect boobs now.  There’s no perfect shape, no perfect destination, it’s just an experience and I’m committed to having fun on my search and I have to live every day of my booby hunting life willing to celebrate the moment everytime big boobies are in front of my face. You never know.  The next time you fuck a nice rack just might be the time you sample the perfect boob experience.

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Two models define Unreal Boobs

I’ve been a big fan of large breasted or shall we say “busty” women and busty porn for a long time now.  I’ve been watching Minka and other huge models, but the draw back with that is it seem like a silicone pumping race. The underlying assumption is the the bigger your boobies, the better you are as a model.  There is a saying “more is definitely not better”, I mean if you  pile more shit on top of shit, it’s still a pile of shit no matter how big it gets.  Kinda like the Obama administration or the later years of GW Bush’s term.  That’s my philosophy on busty models.

That’s why it was such a refreshing pleasure to come across Christy Marks and Cynthia Romero.  These models have huge breasts but besides the size, they offer other value–the  shape, the way their titties jiggle, and just the general form that gets me hard.   Christy and Cynthia take me back to the golden age of all natural big breasts.  But as we know we can’t really keep the porn world free  from the relentless silicone onslaught so these women with real boobs are tasty surprises that take busty porn to a whole new level.

Christy Marks is a hot blonde although she changes hair color.  Her huge appetite for sex is her main draw.   While has big tits she also knows how to move those tits and knows how to milk a man’s dick and glide on that cock.  I also dig how she moves them while she’s being banged by one or more guys.  This girl really knows how to move and that’s really what her makes boobs unreal.  She offers the whole package.  Cynthia Romero is on another level as well.  She has a sexy curvy body which complements the size of her chest.  She is not a one trick pony but a complete package.  I wish we have more triple D gals who are like this in the future because I think this is the future direction of big tits porn.  Also, reality big tits porn is a lot better if the models have the right bodies.  So maybe if we have more unreal boobs models like Christy Marks and Cynthia Romero doing hardcore reality action, I think the busty niche in porn would definitely recover from its current boring and shitty stage.  What do you think?

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Natural boobs make me cry

I hate Lady Gaga.  Nothing strikes me as more fake than Lady Gaga’s career, the over-the-top drama, the bullshit celebrity status seeking, the fame addiction, that kind of garbage.  In these times,   Lady Gaga represents what’s wrong with American culture.  Sadly, in this world nothing is natural, everything is artificial, or engineered.  I’m tired of that shit, and sadly my critique of popular culture also extends to my critique of porn culture.

In particular, big titty porn, big boobs, busty porn models, busty amateur models, hard core pornography. I just don’t get what’s going on–are they handing out silicone breasts at porn model interviews?  Are the models required required to have pressed on or bolt on tits? It’s ridiculous.  Fake tit balloons are standard equipment now.  If youre gonna be a model, pump some silicone or get some gel implants in your chest.  Frankly, its sad to me. Watching a hardcore busty sex video now is like watching Ken and Barbie playtime except that there’s no Ken just a lot plastic on Barbie.  It’s pathetic, and while it may look good to some and might look good for a while, eventually the fakeness gets to you.

Imagine my surprise when I was at Starbucks and this barista came over to clean-up my table and her floppy tits just hung down–I mean they didn’t pop out but they hung down from her top.  Her top dipped down as well and I was treated to a really tears of joy-enducing view of a nice pair of 34 probably C cup breasts.  Just hangin’ down in front of me and she gets back up innocently smiles at me then jiggles away. It was like watching Michaelangelo work on one of his master works. It was like being at The Factory with Andy Warhol seeing him silk screening his Marilyn Monroe paintings.  I was in awe of the natural world!  Just like somebody who’s been in jail for a long time being in awe of the sunset here I was just smitten by just this simple act of grace by this lovely young woman unintentionally sharing her natural boounty with me.  I think that should be the standard busty porn entertainment.  No silicone, no bolt-ons, no fake shit!  There’s already enough fake shit in this world, we need honesty, and let’s start with natural honest bouncing titties!

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The Biggest boobs Ive ever handled

This blog is dedicated to all the happy and hard-on producing memories I’ve had of large breasts.  Think of this  blog as my tribute to all the big juicy boobs that have entered my life.  It’s easy to think of things that are big – the biggest burger, the biggest car, it’s always a positive thing to think of things  in big terms. But size really is all about perspective.  It all depends on what you compared something to: what’s big to one person may not be all that big to another person who may have experienced so many things in that category.  For example, if you’re talking about cars, or houses. If you’ve lived in a lot of big houses, when you say biggest house, people pay attention because your experience with many houses means that if you get excited about the size of a particular house, it would be worth noting.  Opinions about sizes is really about comparing something with your experiences. The same thing goes with many other things in life.  But in this post I’d like to talk about the biggest boobs.

You see I’ve always been a fan of big boobs since I was in Junior High.  Chasing girls with their big tits which are starting to mature and ripen.  That continued up until high school and college. I’ve always been on the lookout for big boobs.  The problem is when my friends talk about the big boobs that they’ve seen, I really can’t believe them because they’ve only probably had one or two busty girlfriends before.  I’ve been in the navy and I’ve travelled around the world and I’ve been on the hunt for big boobs, so when I say the biggest boobs, I would know what I’m talkin’ about.  The biggest boobs that I’ve ever had the pleasure to see-natural ones, not silicone fun bags, or bolt-on tits that you can find in every trailer park.  I’m talking natural, pink-nippled, soft-tipped, floppy, unevenly but nicely shaped, big NATURAL boobs, was during a company trip to South Carolina.  There’s a lot of Southern women at this convention.  And this woman came in, I thought she was overweight, I thought that her whole top was misshapen.  As I got closer and I was introduced to her I realized that it was just her chest-it was just an amazing sight. Basically, this honey was a walking set of boobs!  Throughout the whole presentation and convention I was just thinking and fixating on those tits.  Sad to say I never got the chance to getting my dick in between those biggest boobs i’ve ever seen, but just like seeing Haley’s Comet, it’s a pleasure enough to have come across it once in your life.  That’s the priviledge of seeing what I’ve seen – the amazing racks, the biggets boobs I’ve ever seen – corn-fed, all-American meat.  Her name by the way was Jan.  I’m still in awe of those boobs.

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