Making More Big Breast Videos

big breast videosI bought some sex toys for the two chicks who fuck me every day. I wanted to make more big breast videos because they’d be moving out next month. I wanted to have something to watch while they enjoy the new city. The even told me that they’d be fucking there! Heartless chicks! I smile at the thought, though.

Heather was the first to arrive. I hugged her tightly, squeezing her large breasts softly. We sat on the couch. She told me that the boss wanted to have a male manager on the new site. She will still be manager for the personnel while the male manager will oversee the construction and, eventually, the day-to-day operations. Sherry will be handling the accounting and paper works. Heather said that I might be the one to be sent there but that isn’t sure yet. I was happy with the thought because if that happens, I’d be promoted and get to live there with these 2 chicks! What a blissful life it would be.

Still, because that wasn’t sure yet, I persuaded them to make more big breast videos. I gave them the sex toys. They were, of course, delighted. That night, I asked them to make the videos without me, as if they were already in the new apartment. They readily complied.

Each woman chose a large dildo and sucked on it while caressing each other’s gigantic tits. Soon, Heather was sucking Sherry’s tits and inserting the huge cock inside Sherry. I was holding the camera. I zoomed in to that big cock punishing Sherry’s black cunt. I moved to film Heather sucking on Sherry’s tits. She licked the tits, then sucked hbig breast videosard.

When it was Heather’s turn to be fucked, Sherry didn’t insert the dildo immediately. Instead, she used it to fuck Heather’s breasts while she sucked on those large globes. With the dildo moving in and out of the space between the breasts, Sherry continued to suckle Heather. It wasn’t long before Heather began to shake. As she did, Sherry slammed the dildo inside her cunt and made swift strokes that had Heather shouting, squirming, and convulsing.

That was, by far, the best of the big breast videos we’ve ever made!

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Dreaming of Big Tits at Work

big tits at workI really can’t believe my luck these days. Heather and I have been living together for 2 months now while Sherry has lived with us for a week. There was an abundance of tits and cunts at home that I was cumming at least twice in a day! Thus, I could hardly stay awake at the office. It was a good thing that work wasn’t very hectic in our department or I’m sure I’d be making a lot of mistakes.

A plus in this new arrangement is that I have plenty to dream on – big tits at work. Heather didn’t mind that Sherry and I fuck a lot, too. She said that I have to be happy before they go away because in their apartment, they could fuck each other all they want. I smiled at this thought.

So, there were plenty of big tits at work – sometimes, Sherry would ask me to help her fix the copy machine. She’d lock the door and we would fuck. Sometimes, it would be Heather who would pull me in that quiet room.

big tits at work Today was different. No one pulled me there to fuck. Both women had a meeting with the CEO for the move next month. I sighed. I wonder if I would be fucked today. Well, I am becoming addicted to these two women with gigantic breasts. How am I going to survive when they go? I sighed again. The answer came to me immediately: the big tit porn that we made, of course! We even have some flicks with Sherry to add to the growing collection.

I dreamed about these big tits at work. I know I’d be fucking these globes tonight so I have to be patient. Bored now, I went home early so I could pass by the sex shop. I bought several dildos and vibrators – some of the realistic cocks were bigger than my own. Well, I want them to have fun! I went home, smiling.

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Huge Breasts in the Bedroom

huge breastsI was sleeping one afternoon when Heather arrived with a black friend. She introduced us. This woman, Sherry, will be sharing an apartment with her at the new office. She also works at another department in the company. I smiled at this information. Both women were sexy, both were beautiful, and both had huge breasts! It would be nice for them to live together. People might even think that they are lesbians. I laughed again at this thought.

Her friend stayed for dinner. I think it is important that they’d get on together if they had to live together. However, I was surprised to learn that the chick will be staying the night. After dinner, the two went to the bedroom to search for clothes and linen for the guestroom. I watched them walk away – their huge breasts beckoning at me to kiss them. I sighed. Is this a sign that I am going to be dishonest to Heather? No! I was actually imagining having those two pairs of breasts together, not just the ebony woman’s breasts.

huge breasts When they came back, Sherry was wearing a rather skimpy outfit while Heather was wearing a sheer nightgown with no bras and panties. I sighed again. How am I going to last this night if these two women look very enticing? My problem was answered soon. Heather sat beside me and began to play with her tits. Sherry sat at my other side and played with her tits, too. I squirmed on the seat. I know my cock as growing.

Smiling, the two women took my hands and led me to the bedroom, their huge breasts brushing on my arms. In the bedroom, they took turns fucking me. Heather rode me while I was sucking at Sherry’s big black tits. After she cummed, she asked Sherry to fuck me, too. It truly was a wonderful night! Sherry shared our bed that night, the guestroom remained unused the entire time she was here.

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Filming Her Epic Boobies

epic boobiesHeather knows that I am in love with her and her epic boobies. However, since she’ll be moving to her new office in a few months, we’d surely be missing each other. We fuck every moment that we could. Our officemates teased us, calling us rabbits. We just laugh because we know that our time together is limited. We actually live together now.

Then, I had a brilliant idea. We’d make vids of the two of us fucking. We’d also film her epic boobies (for me) and we’d also film my cock (for her).

This morning, we made the epic boobs video. We took shots of me caressing her huge globes. There were also shots of me sucking her tits until she cums. Some shots showed only her tits while there are others with only her face. We also made a flick of me fucking her huge tits until I cummed, wetting her boobies with my semen.

I can’t get enough of her epic boobs. Even while we were making the cock video, I’d still grab at her tits. I love squeezing her nipples because she says that the sensation travels fast to her clitoris as if the two are connected. Thus, as much as possible, I try to squeeze her nipples.

After we made the vids, we made extra copies so that we both have all the vids. Labeling them carefully, Heather placed her vids inside a small safe.

epic boobies I placed mine in a small box and kept it for future reference. For now, we’ll make the most of the time we have left. I fucked her epic boobies again. As I moved between her large breasts, she caressed my balls.

I really love this chick. I was truly stupid not to tell her my feelings immediately. We could have had years of this – sexual bliss – had I told her a few years ago.

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Loving her Epic Breasts

epic breastsAfter tit fucking Heather, I felt euphoric. This is actually the first time I cummed with the real Heather. I was always fantasizing about her, cumming hard with her in my mind. I wouldn’t forget this first time, for sure.

We were still on the couch. We talked for a while about future plans – how we would manage the long-distance relationship. I told her that I had managed to silently love her for years, I could manage a few years more. At least this time she already knows how much I loved her. She smiled at this.

I played with her epic breasts as we talked. A little while later, she began to stroke my cock. Soon, it had grown to its full size again, thick and pulsing.

“I still can’t believe I could hold this huge cock freely now,” she said, smiling.

“You can hold it for as long as you want, Heather. You own me now,” I laughed. She blushed but didn’t seem embarrassed. She began to move so that she could suck my cock again. She licked it in slow motions, taking extra time to play with the head. My hands continued to squeeze her epic breasts, playing with her nipples.

epic breastsWe moved to her bedroom. There, I licked and sucked on her hairy pubic area, her pubic hair glistening with cunt moisture and saliva. I inserted a finger inside her cunt while my thumb made circles on her clitoris. She moaned and begged for me to insert my cock inside her.

I moved up, trailing kisses to her epic breasts. While sucking one huge globe, I slowly inserted my cock. It slid without restrictions – she was so wet that her cunt made slurping sounds. I lengthened my strokes. I fucked her in long, slow strokes. After a while, she wrapped her legs around my butt and began to pull me harder. Increasing the tempo, I fucked her hard while my mouth continued to suck on her tits. Within a few seconds she began to shake wildly, screaming in orgasm. I kissed her hard and convulsed, too, filling her cunt with my hot cum.

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Fucking her Epic Boob

epic boobI love watching sexey women with gigantic tits – just like the tits of my girlfriend, Heather. On our second date, I sucked on her tits hard and long, making her cum with just that! After her shaking subsided, she undressed me. She grabbed my cock and held it tightly, almost painfully.

“Oh! I’d wish that I had held this cock for months now,” she gushed. “Oh Francis, you have such a huge cock!” She then put my huge cock inside her month, playing with the head. I almost cummed when she sucked the head while her fingers caressed my balls. Not wanting to spoil the moment, I struggled hard not to cum.

I caressed an epic boob, tweaking the sensitive nipple. She arched her back and laughed.

“Your turn, Francis! Stop playing with my tits,” she laughed.

“Can’t get enough of you, babe. If you cum again with just nipple tweaking, I swear I’d cum all over your face!” I said in jest but truthfully, too.

She just smiled and continued sucking my cock. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build up. The base of my cock began to tingle, sending shivers up my spine. She stopped sucking and just caressed the balls. She then moved up to kiss my nipples, taking care not to touch my cock. When the sensation subsided, I got up and pushed her to bed.

epic boob Holding an epic boob in each hand, I put them together and asked her to hold them in place. Then, I positioned myself on top of her chest and inserted my cock between the folds of her breasts. I sighed. Her tits felt really nice. They were hot and slippery, almost like a pussy but different.

I fucked her epic boob hard and fast until I felt the sensation of orgasm build up again. This time, I did not try to hold it back. I continued to tit fuck her until my cock spewed hot cum unto her breasts, neck, and chin.

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Sucking Heather’s Epic Tits

epic titsOn our second date, we went to a fancy restaurant. We drank wine and enjoyed the seafood fares. I still can’t believe that this epic boobs girl is having dinner with me.

After dinner, we went to her house. We kissed in the foyer, again. This time, however, she invited me in. Her house is neat and beautiful, with artful pieces in the living room.

“Are you going to keep the house?” I asked.

“Yes, I actually will! The new assignment might be temporary so I would still need a place to come back to,” she said.

We talked about some of the art pieces for a while. Then, the conversation shifted to flirting. I told her how I’d always had a crush on her but didn’t know how to tell her until I realized that I might lose her to the new assignment. I also told her that I love her epic tits.

She smiled and told me that she knew I had a crush on her. She also admitted that she also likes me. Wow! I was smiling from ear to ear. I looked down unto her epic tits. They looked perfect. She took my hand and guided them to her boobs. I looked up and saw her smiling.

“I’d always wanted to know how your hands would feel on my tits,” she epic titsadmitted. The feeling I had when I touched those epic tits was indescribable; perhaps because I’ve always dreamed of holding those globes in my hands. Still looking into her eyes, I began to undress her. She helped me in removing her bra, freeing those tits to bounce freely in the air.

Without the constraints of the bra, the epic tits were bigger than ever. I moved closer to suck on those creamy watermelons. Her huge boobs smelled nice. I sucked hard on her nipples – that had her squirming under me. I massaged her boobs with my hands while I continued sucking. Within a few minutes, she began to shake uncontrollably! Wow! She had cummed by tit stimulation only! This woman is truly incredible!

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Heather’s Epic Boobs

epic boobsHeather is my co-worker. She’s sexy, smart, and beautiful. She also had epic boobs that I’d love to get lost in. I’ve always had this huge crush on her but I was too shy to make a move to ask her out. All I could think of was a boob grab to catch her attention – but I might only be slapped on the face or, worse, face harassment charges if I do that!

I was almost ready to give up when I heard that she might be moved to another city to watch over the new office that the company is building. She’d also get a promotion. Panicking, I knew that it would take months or even years before I’d see her again! I’d never have a chance to kiss those epic boobs!

Swallowing hard, I walked over to her desk.

“Hi, Heather! Congratulations!” I said.

“Thanks, Francis,” she said, smiling. “I’d miss this office but can’t also wait to move to the new office.”

“Will you be busy with packing your things tonight?” I asked casually.

“Silly! The move won’t be in 3 or 4 months. Why would I pack up early?” she laughed.

I heaved a sigh a relief. “So, will you go out to dinner with me?” I mustered the courage to ask her.

epic boobs“Sure, Francis. I’ve actually been waiting for months for you to ask me out,” she winked.

A little bit shocked but very happy with her revelation, I went back to my desk.

That night, we talked for hours. I’d sometimes sneak glances to her epic boobs but took extra care to focus on her face. I don’t want to make her feel like I was talking to her tits.

It was actually a fun night that ended with a long, deep kiss in her foyer. We’re going out again tonight. I hope she’d be my girlfriend before she moves out to the new office.

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Big boobs alert gone wrong

Back in college, I and my friends would play this stupid game. When we were walking down any hall – student hall, fraternity hall, or what have you, and we see a hottie crossing the street or just walking down the street with huge knockers, (at least D-cup or high end C-cup and at least 34), my buddies would say “shazam!”

One time, right after the big game against our rival college, we were quite drunk. We’re walking the street near sorority row and my buddies saw this chick with an amazing rack – I mean are talking at least 34 double D! It looks like somebody just decapitated Howie Mandell and stuffed two of his heads in this chick’s shirt – I mean it was just a sight to behold!  My buddies and I almost ran into each other because our eyes were just glued to her chest – just amazing!

So there was a lot of shouts of “shazam!” during that particular big boobs alert.  I think one of the sorority girls that was close by kind of figured out that we were ogling her sister’s tits.  She called to the rest of her sisters while we’re like just standing in  the corner and just talking to ourselves like idiots after that busty chick went into her sorority house. We had our back turned, and we were  standing on the corner talking about how big her tits was.  We thought that nobody was listening.  All of a sudden we heard severl pops. “Pop pop pop!” Water balloons were being dropped on us and these angry sorority girls laughing angrily and then yelling out “you sexist PIGS!” and “jerk” that kinda’ stuff. I was drunk and I was laughing so I kinda’ ran away with my buddies ‘coz I don’t think our sorority sex fantasies were about to happen that night.  Being lynched by angry sorority girls wasn’t exactly our goal at that time. That big boobs alert definitely back fired!  So next time you see a woman with an amazing rack walking towards you, keep your big boobs alert silent- just like a cellphone, don’t broadcast it to the world.  Just let your dick vibrate in your pants.

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Epic boobs FTW

Unless you’ve been smoking rocks or hiding under a rock somewhere, you would know that FTW means “For the Win”. Saying FTW is just like saying “Wow” or  “Alright” or “Right On”.  I don’t normally say FTW, I don’t take that term lightly, I only say that when it’s really warranted.  This post topic is about epic boobs and epic boobs definitely deserve an FTW!

How do I define epic boobs?  “Epic” boobs does not necessarily mean that the boobs in question be large.  Anything can be large and still be a LARGE PILE OF SHIT!  The state of New Jersey is large… and it has often been described by New Yorkers as a “pile of shit”.  Just because something’s large doesn’t mean it’s a good thing or it is epic.  Epic would have to be beyond normal, in a good way–exceeding all sorts of expectations or searing into your mind just the highest form something could achive.  Again it’s not about the size, its about quality.  

My epic boobs experience took place when I was in community college and I was taking a class in history.  It was a basic American history class.  I can tell from the look on my classmates’ faceas that  it was very boring.  A lot of people were passed out face down on their desks.  I was majoring in history so it was pretty interesting stuff to me.  Anyway the attitudes of my classmates began to change when our instructor had an instructor in training/ teaching assistant with him and I can tell she was just out of college, or just barely in grad school.  She was Iranian or, as she call herself, “Persian”.

It doesn’t matter what her name was, to protect the innocent I’ll just redact the name, ‘coz she might be teaching somewhere I don’t want to get in trouble.  I could not believe my eyes! This woman was super fine – she was all your middle Eastern/Near Eastern fantasies rolled into one hot woman. All the images of Aladdin, 101 Arabian Nights, or whatever it is that you conceive what a sexy Arab or Indian, or Italian or Mediterreanean woman would look like, this chick had it.  She had bright green eyes, dark olive skin, amazing hair.  She looked like she just stepped out of a scene in a poem written Homer or some other epic dead Greek poet.  What really stood out was her TITS.  Her boobs were not Minka-style fake tits.  The kind that slap you in the face and say “hey I’m gonna kick you in the nuts” kind of fake.  It’s above that, her tits were saying more along the lines of “respect me”.  They were enough to get you to turn your head and make your jaw drop.  At the same time they were not so large that you would automatically think that that they were fake or abnormal or there’s something fishy about them.  It was just the right size and it fit her complete persona, and that’s what made it so epic.

The way I view “epic boobs” is that a person’s body should complement their whole persona and that’s what made her breasts fucking epic because they completed her.  The mystery, the sexiness, the allure, it went with the way she waved her hand, her sexy accent, her hypnotic eyes.  I  am a blessed man to have seen epic boobs in my life and I just wish you the best in your epic boob hunting ventures.  Again guys, it’s not about the size, it’s about the experience.

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