Women with Bigger Breasts

bigger breastsI have 2 lovers, both with big chests. They fuck me in all positions imaginable and have made all my fantasies come true. This weekend, they will be moving out to manage a new office that the company will be opening. So, should I find another woman with bigger breasts? Well, why should I? If I would do that, I just might lose the 2 most amazing women I’ve ever fucked!

Still, there are plenty of women who had bigger breasts than these two. Well, I really wouldn’t dream of replacing them. I’ve got tons of videos of us fucking each other that I could spend hours watching those as if they are still here. Yes, I love big breasted women and I have 2 of them right now. What more could I ask for?

Also, they’d be moving out this weekend but I will be following them after a week. I only need to wrap up some lose ends at the office, finish training my successor, and will be joining these two chicks there. Yes! I was promoted and will soon be overseeing the construction of the new office. I really am the luckiest man in the office these days.

bigger breastsYesterday, I met their replacements at the office. It must have been a coincidence because both women had bigger breasts than my two chicks. The question is, was I interested? Of course! I ogled those two women for a minute but that was it. I didn’t make a move to befriend them or make them feel like I was interested because, oddly enough, I wasn’t. I’d be following my big breasted women after a week’s time!

So, I have to end the post here. Gotta finish all these reports so that I could leave the office as scheduled. Can’t wait to meet my chicks in our new apartment.

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