Two models define Unreal Boobs

I’ve been a big fan of large breasted or shall we say “busty” women and busty porn for a long time now.  I’ve been watching Minka and other huge models, but the draw back with that is it seem like a silicone pumping race. The underlying assumption is the the bigger your boobies, the better you are as a model.  There is a saying “more is definitely not better”, I mean if you  pile more shit on top of shit, it’s still a pile of shit no matter how big it gets.  Kinda like the Obama administration or the later years of GW Bush’s term.  That’s my philosophy on busty models.

That’s why it was such a refreshing pleasure to come across Christy Marks and Cynthia Romero.  These models have huge breasts but besides the size, they offer other value–the  shape, the way their titties jiggle, and just the general form that gets me hard.   Christy and Cynthia take me back to the golden age of all natural big breasts.  But as we know we can’t really keep the porn world free  from the relentless silicone onslaught so these women with real boobs are tasty surprises that take busty porn to a whole new level.

Christy Marks is a hot blonde although she changes hair color.  Her huge appetite for sex is her main draw.   While has big tits she also knows how to move those tits and knows how to milk a man’s dick and glide on that cock.  I also dig how she moves them while she’s being banged by one or more guys.  This girl really knows how to move and that’s really what her makes boobs unreal.  She offers the whole package.  Cynthia Romero is on another level as well.  She has a sexy curvy body which complements the size of her chest.  She is not a one trick pony but a complete package.  I wish we have more triple D gals who are like this in the future because I think this is the future direction of big tits porn.  Also, reality big tits porn is a lot better if the models have the right bodies.  So maybe if we have more unreal boobs models like Christy Marks and Cynthia Romero doing hardcore reality action, I think the busty niche in porn would definitely recover from its current boring and shitty stage.  What do you think?

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