The Biggest boobs Ive ever handled

This blog is dedicated to all the happy and hard-on producing memories I’ve had of large breasts.  Think of this  blog as my tribute to all the big juicy boobs that have entered my life.  It’s easy to think of things that are big – the biggest burger, the biggest car, it’s always a positive thing to think of things  in big terms. But size really is all about perspective.  It all depends on what you compared something to: what’s big to one person may not be all that big to another person who may have experienced so many things in that category.  For example, if you’re talking about cars, or houses. If you’ve lived in a lot of big houses, when you say biggest house, people pay attention because your experience with many houses means that if you get excited about the size of a particular house, it would be worth noting.  Opinions about sizes is really about comparing something with your experiences. The same thing goes with many other things in life.  But in this post I’d like to talk about the biggest boobs.

You see I’ve always been a fan of big boobs since I was in Junior High.  Chasing girls with their big tits which are starting to mature and ripen.  That continued up until high school and college. I’ve always been on the lookout for big boobs.  The problem is when my friends talk about the big boobs that they’ve seen, I really can’t believe them because they’ve only probably had one or two busty girlfriends before.  I’ve been in the navy and I’ve travelled around the world and I’ve been on the hunt for big boobs, so when I say the biggest boobs, I would know what I’m talkin’ about.  The biggest boobs that I’ve ever had the pleasure to see-natural ones, not silicone fun bags, or bolt-on tits that you can find in every trailer park.  I’m talking natural, pink-nippled, soft-tipped, floppy, unevenly but nicely shaped, big NATURAL boobs, was during a company trip to South Carolina.  There’s a lot of Southern women at this convention.  And this woman came in, I thought she was overweight, I thought that her whole top was misshapen.  As I got closer and I was introduced to her I realized that it was just her chest-it was just an amazing sight. Basically, this honey was a walking set of boobs!  Throughout the whole presentation and convention I was just thinking and fixating on those tits.  Sad to say I never got the chance to getting my dick in between those biggest boobs i’ve ever seen, but just like seeing Haley’s Comet, it’s a pleasure enough to have come across it once in your life.  That’s the priviledge of seeing what I’ve seen – the amazing racks, the biggets boobs I’ve ever seen – corn-fed, all-American meat.  Her name by the way was Jan.  I’m still in awe of those boobs.

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