Saggy boobs are NOT the problem

I don’t get why people don’t like saggy boobs.  I like saggy boobs.  I mean, not too saggy, not like flat, African tribe, Papua New Guinea, National Geographic type of saggy boobs but average saggy boobs.  Like boobs that you can tell were large before and now they are a little bit saggy, and a little flatter on the end, not completely flat.  Not nasty flat tits that you can lift up and it’s still flat–kind of a chest pancake kind of thing.  It can be an acquired taste.  It is a private little fetish.

How do you fix saggy boobs?  Is it even worth “fixing”? A lot of  husbands complain that their wives’ breast got a little larger with pregnancy, filled with milk, and start to look sexy, the areola gets all dark, but after all that excitement (and the rush of something new and the freaky pregnant sex), they face saggy boobs.  They consider that a problem. Saggy breast after pregnancy.  Also many men complain that breastfeeding aggravates the saggy breast “problem”.

I don’t see a problem.  I see saggy breasts as part of a woman’s natural cycle.  A woman gets pregnant, her body changes shape, and after she’s given birth her body changes shape again.  Your expectations as a man, and as her lover, should grow and mature with her body’s cycles as well.  That how you maintain a healthy sexual relationship.  How you fantasize about your woman, how you conceptualize your woman, and how you imagine her beauty to be are all part of your sexual relationship.  These have to accommodate her body changes in order for your sex life to improve.  This includes accepting saggy boobs.  So instead of fixating on, or focusing on, or obsessing on how to fix saggy breasts, men should really man the fuck up and realize that saggy boobs can be sexy.  Flat saggy tits part of a woman’s natural body cycle.  Be aware of it, understand it, embrace it, and after awhile love it, because that is what will take your sex life to the next level.

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