Perfect boobs are too rare

One problem with life  is that we’re always looking for perfection –  the perfect job, perfect family, perfect game, perfect hobby, you name it.   The problem with perfection is that it can’t be reached because if it can be reached then it is, by definition, no longer perfect.  Know what I mean?  The same goes with women.  We’re looking for the perfect girlfriend, the perfect wife, the perfect blow-job, the perfect piece of ass.  But really all these revolve around what we want, and its not always attainable because it revolves around us and our ever changing subjective standards.  As I’ve gotten older, I realized that the perfect relationship is above and beyond what I would bring to the table or what my girlfriend or wife would bring to the table.  It’s what both of us would bring.  Funny enough, that’s been my experience when thinking about the perfect boobs.

When I was a kid I always thought that bigger was always better.  Large globes are better than mosquito bite-sized titties on a chick’s chest.  Bouncing large globes/ mounds of tit flesh are way better than saggy, flat, national geographic African village tits.  But as I had gotten older the idea of what defines perfect boobs has changed in my my mind.  It has less to do with a particular shape or particular size, but more to do with how you feel with that person. Don’t get me wrong–I’m still a big fan of busty models but at the end of the day, its not the titties that you would be waking up to, it’s the person the titties are connected to.  It has to be the whole person that goes with the sexiness besides having a nice rack that you could bury your face in and stick your dick in, or cum all over.  It’s somebody that enjoys a good time, not only should she be able to blow a mean dick or tongue your ass or rub her tits your face, but she should also moan in appreciation.  As I get older I realized that sex is a two way street, and it’s kind of a jazz concert thats always different each time you do it.  So that’s how I define perfect boobs now.  There’s no perfect shape, no perfect destination, it’s just an experience and I’m committed to having fun on my search and I have to live every day of my booby hunting life willing to celebrate the moment everytime big boobies are in front of my face. You never know.  The next time you fuck a nice rack just might be the time you sample the perfect boob experience.

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