Natural boobs make me cry

I hate Lady Gaga.  Nothing strikes me as more fake than Lady Gaga’s career, the over-the-top drama, the bullshit celebrity status seeking, the fame addiction, that kind of garbage.  In these times,   Lady Gaga represents what’s wrong with American culture.  Sadly, in this world nothing is natural, everything is artificial, or engineered.  I’m tired of that shit, and sadly my critique of popular culture also extends to my critique of porn culture.

In particular, big titty porn, big boobs, busty porn models, busty amateur models, hard core pornography. I just don’t get what’s going on–are they handing out silicone breasts at porn model interviews?  Are the models required required to have pressed on or bolt on tits? It’s ridiculous.  Fake tit balloons are standard equipment now.  If youre gonna be a model, pump some silicone or get some gel implants in your chest.  Frankly, its sad to me. Watching a hardcore busty sex video now is like watching Ken and Barbie playtime except that there’s no Ken just a lot plastic on Barbie.  It’s pathetic, and while it may look good to some and might look good for a while, eventually the fakeness gets to you.

Imagine my surprise when I was at Starbucks and this barista came over to clean-up my table and her floppy tits just hung down–I mean they didn’t pop out but they hung down from her top.  Her top dipped down as well and I was treated to a really tears of joy-enducing view of a nice pair of 34 probably C cup breasts.  Just hangin’ down in front of me and she gets back up innocently smiles at me then jiggles away. It was like watching Michaelangelo work on one of his master works. It was like being at The Factory with Andy Warhol seeing him silk screening his Marilyn Monroe paintings.  I was in awe of the natural world!  Just like somebody who’s been in jail for a long time being in awe of the sunset here I was just smitten by just this simple act of grace by this lovely young woman unintentionally sharing her natural boounty with me.  I think that should be the standard busty porn entertainment.  No silicone, no bolt-ons, no fake shit!  There’s already enough fake shit in this world, we need honesty, and let’s start with natural honest bouncing titties!

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