Making More Big Breast Videos

big breast videosI bought some sex toys for the two chicks who fuck me every day. I wanted to make more big breast videos because they’d be moving out next month. I wanted to have something to watch while they enjoy the new city. The even told me that they’d be fucking there! Heartless chicks! I smile at the thought, though.

Heather was the first to arrive. I hugged her tightly, squeezing her large breasts softly. We sat on the couch. She told me that the boss wanted to have a male manager on the new site. She will still be manager for the personnel while the male manager will oversee the construction and, eventually, the day-to-day operations. Sherry will be handling the accounting and paper works. Heather said that I might be the one to be sent there but that isn’t sure yet. I was happy with the thought because if that happens, I’d be promoted and get to live there with these 2 chicks! What a blissful life it would be.

Still, because that wasn’t sure yet, I persuaded them to make more big breast videos. I gave them the sex toys. They were, of course, delighted. That night, I asked them to make the videos without me, as if they were already in the new apartment. They readily complied.

Each woman chose a large dildo and sucked on it while caressing each other’s gigantic tits. Soon, Heather was sucking Sherry’s tits and inserting the huge cock inside Sherry. I was holding the camera. I zoomed in to that big cock punishing Sherry’s black cunt. I moved to film Heather sucking on Sherry’s tits. She licked the tits, then sucked hbig breast videosard.

When it was Heather’s turn to be fucked, Sherry didn’t insert the dildo immediately. Instead, she used it to fuck Heather’s breasts while she sucked on those large globes. With the dildo moving in and out of the space between the breasts, Sherry continued to suckle Heather. It wasn’t long before Heather began to shake. As she did, Sherry slammed the dildo inside her cunt and made swift strokes that had Heather shouting, squirming, and convulsing.

That was, by far, the best of the big breast videos we’ve ever made!

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