Make space for milky boobs

Most men don’t react to the idea of pregnant sex too well.  They think it’s nasty.  They think it’s gross.  Especially with lactating tits and breast milk splattering. Also, some men think that their pregnant wives or girlfriends are unattractive because they start looking fatter or misshapen.  I think that’s sad.  Equally sad, many guys have a definition of beauty that is more along the lines of Kate Moss–rail thin models with a teen/druggie hippy look.  Everybody has his thing so it’s kind of sad to bring those preferrences to act as  a wall against appreciating the beauty of milky boobs.  Milky boobs may be an acquired taste but it’s one nice taste to have.  My personal experience comes from when I was dating this Mexican girl who just loves to fuck anywhere, anytime, anyway.  I mean we fucked in a McDonald’s bathroom when she was applying for a job as a burger flipper there.  She was that freaky.  Anyway, I wasn’t the only guy banging her–I was one of maybe three guys she was seeing at the same time and one of us knocked her up.  I wasn’t that into her or in love with her, or wanna be the guy that knocked her up.  Her belly got bigger and, in my eyes at least, she became sexier.  She was hornier-that’s for sure.  But there was just something about her physique – swollen milky boobs, swollen belly, and that kind of thing that had this voluptuous look to it.  She has just gotten more curvy and her body got softer and you just felt her presence more and fucking became a lot more fun.  She had a lot more energy and enthusiasm that her body was a nice curvy blanket all over mine.  She milked my cock a lot, it must’ve felt like gallons.  My nuts exploded everytime I came during those times I was bangin her while she was pregnant.  That was the  beginning of me looking at pregnat women differently.Previously, I thought pregnancy was a weird state that a woman goes through- a fucked up but temporary state that she goes through.  An inconvenient period, you know, that you’re hoping she gets through quickly so she can get back to normal.  Nowadays, I view pregnancy as a part of woman’s life cycle and it’s sexy.  A woman doesn’t stop being sexy when she gets pregnant.  If anything, being pregnant has its own flavors and opportunities and different kinks you can try.

Although my Mexican girlfriend and I had broken up and we both moved on, she has given me pregnant fantasies and now I look forward to coming across a chick that’s knocked up.  If I knock-up a girl that wouldn’t be a boner killer for me at all.  Those milky boobs, definitely got me coming back.

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