Loving her Epic Breasts

epic breastsAfter tit fucking Heather, I felt euphoric. This is actually the first time I cummed with the real Heather. I was always fantasizing about her, cumming hard with her in my mind. I wouldn’t forget this first time, for sure.

We were still on the couch. We talked for a while about future plans – how we would manage the long-distance relationship. I told her that I had managed to silently love her for years, I could manage a few years more. At least this time she already knows how much I loved her. She smiled at this.

I played with her epic breasts as we talked. A little while later, she began to stroke my cock. Soon, it had grown to its full size again, thick and pulsing.

“I still can’t believe I could hold this huge cock freely now,” she said, smiling.

“You can hold it for as long as you want, Heather. You own me now,” I laughed. She blushed but didn’t seem embarrassed. She began to move so that she could suck my cock again. She licked it in slow motions, taking extra time to play with the head. My hands continued to squeeze her epic breasts, playing with her nipples.

epic breastsWe moved to her bedroom. There, I licked and sucked on her hairy pubic area, her pubic hair glistening with cunt moisture and saliva. I inserted a finger inside her cunt while my thumb made circles on her clitoris. She moaned and begged for me to insert my cock inside her.

I moved up, trailing kisses to her epic breasts. While sucking one huge globe, I slowly inserted my cock. It slid without restrictions – she was so wet that her cunt made slurping sounds. I lengthened my strokes. I fucked her in long, slow strokes. After a while, she wrapped her legs around my butt and began to pull me harder. Increasing the tempo, I fucked her hard while my mouth continued to suck on her tits. Within a few seconds she began to shake wildly, screaming in orgasm. I kissed her hard and convulsed, too, filling her cunt with my hot cum.

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