Huge Breasts in the Bedroom

huge breastsI was sleeping one afternoon when Heather arrived with a black friend. She introduced us. This woman, Sherry, will be sharing an apartment with her at the new office. She also works at another department in the company. I smiled at this information. Both women were sexy, both were beautiful, and both had huge breasts! It would be nice for them to live together. People might even think that they are lesbians. I laughed again at this thought.

Her friend stayed for dinner. I think it is important that they’d get on together if they had to live together. However, I was surprised to learn that the chick will be staying the night. After dinner, the two went to the bedroom to search for clothes and linen for the guestroom. I watched them walk away – their huge breasts beckoning at me to kiss them. I sighed. Is this a sign that I am going to be dishonest to Heather? No! I was actually imagining having those two pairs of breasts together, not just the ebony woman’s breasts.

huge breasts When they came back, Sherry was wearing a rather skimpy outfit while Heather was wearing a sheer nightgown with no bras and panties. I sighed again. How am I going to last this night if these two women look very enticing? My problem was answered soon. Heather sat beside me and began to play with her tits. Sherry sat at my other side and played with her tits, too. I squirmed on the seat. I know my cock as growing.

Smiling, the two women took my hands and led me to the bedroom, their huge breasts brushing on my arms. In the bedroom, they took turns fucking me. Heather rode me while I was sucking at Sherry’s big black tits. After she cummed, she asked Sherry to fuck me, too. It truly was a wonderful night! Sherry shared our bed that night, the guestroom remained unused the entire time she was here.

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