Heather’s Epic Boobs

epic boobsHeather is my co-worker. She’s sexy, smart, and beautiful. She also had epic boobs that I’d love to get lost in. I’ve always had this huge crush on her but I was too shy to make a move to ask her out. All I could think of was a boob grab to catch her attention – but I might only be slapped on the face or, worse, face harassment charges if I do that!

I was almost ready to give up when I heard that she might be moved to another city to watch over the new office that the company is building. She’d also get a promotion. Panicking, I knew that it would take months or even years before I’d see her again! I’d never have a chance to kiss those epic boobs!

Swallowing hard, I walked over to her desk.

“Hi, Heather! Congratulations!” I said.

“Thanks, Francis,” she said, smiling. “I’d miss this office but can’t also wait to move to the new office.”

“Will you be busy with packing your things tonight?” I asked casually.

“Silly! The move won’t be in 3 or 4 months. Why would I pack up early?” she laughed.

I heaved a sigh a relief. “So, will you go out to dinner with me?” I mustered the courage to ask her.

epic boobs“Sure, Francis. I’ve actually been waiting for months for you to ask me out,” she winked.

A little bit shocked but very happy with her revelation, I went back to my desk.

That night, we talked for hours. I’d sometimes sneak glances to her epic boobs but took extra care to focus on her face. I don’t want to make her feel like I was talking to her tits.

It was actually a fun night that ended with a long, deep kiss in her foyer. We’re going out again tonight. I hope she’d be my girlfriend before she moves out to the new office.

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