Filming Her Epic Boobies

epic boobiesHeather knows that I am in love with her and her epic boobies. However, since she’ll be moving to her new office in a few months, we’d surely be missing each other. We fuck every moment that we could. Our officemates teased us, calling us rabbits. We just laugh because we know that our time together is limited. We actually live together now.

Then, I had a brilliant idea. We’d make vids of the two of us fucking. We’d also film her epic boobies (for me) and we’d also film my cock (for her).

This morning, we made the epic boobs video. We took shots of me caressing her huge globes. There were also shots of me sucking her tits until she cums. Some shots showed only her tits while there are others with only her face. We also made a flick of me fucking her huge tits until I cummed, wetting her boobies with my semen.

I can’t get enough of her epic boobs. Even while we were making the cock video, I’d still grab at her tits. I love squeezing her nipples because she says that the sensation travels fast to her clitoris as if the two are connected. Thus, as much as possible, I try to squeeze her nipples.

After we made the vids, we made extra copies so that we both have all the vids. Labeling them carefully, Heather placed her vids inside a small safe.

epic boobies I placed mine in a small box and kept it for future reference. For now, we’ll make the most of the time we have left. I fucked her epic boobies again. As I moved between her large breasts, she caressed my balls.

I really love this chick. I was truly stupid not to tell her my feelings immediately. We could have had years of this – sexual bliss – had I told her a few years ago.

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