Epic boobs FTW

Unless you’ve been smoking rocks or hiding under a rock somewhere, you would know that FTW means “For the Win”. Saying FTW is just like saying “Wow” or  “Alright” or “Right On”.  I don’t normally say FTW, I don’t take that term lightly, I only say that when it’s really warranted.  This post topic is about epic boobs and epic boobs definitely deserve an FTW!

How do I define epic boobs?  “Epic” boobs does not necessarily mean that the boobs in question be large.  Anything can be large and still be a LARGE PILE OF SHIT!  The state of New Jersey is large… and it has often been described by New Yorkers as a “pile of shit”.  Just because something’s large doesn’t mean it’s a good thing or it is epic.  Epic would have to be beyond normal, in a good way–exceeding all sorts of expectations or searing into your mind just the highest form something could achive.  Again it’s not about the size, its about quality.  

My epic boobs experience took place when I was in community college and I was taking a class in history.  It was a basic American history class.  I can tell from the look on my classmates’ faceas that  it was very boring.  A lot of people were passed out face down on their desks.  I was majoring in history so it was pretty interesting stuff to me.  Anyway the attitudes of my classmates began to change when our instructor had an instructor in training/ teaching assistant with him and I can tell she was just out of college, or just barely in grad school.  She was Iranian or, as she call herself, “Persian”.

It doesn’t matter what her name was, to protect the innocent I’ll just redact the name, ‘coz she might be teaching somewhere I don’t want to get in trouble.  I could not believe my eyes! This woman was super fine – she was all your middle Eastern/Near Eastern fantasies rolled into one hot woman. All the images of Aladdin, 101 Arabian Nights, or whatever it is that you conceive what a sexy Arab or Indian, or Italian or Mediterreanean woman would look like, this chick had it.  She had bright green eyes, dark olive skin, amazing hair.  She looked like she just stepped out of a scene in a poem written Homer or some other epic dead Greek poet.  What really stood out was her TITS.  Her boobs were not Minka-style fake tits.  The kind that slap you in the face and say “hey I’m gonna kick you in the nuts” kind of fake.  It’s above that, her tits were saying more along the lines of “respect me”.  They were enough to get you to turn your head and make your jaw drop.  At the same time they were not so large that you would automatically think that that they were fake or abnormal or there’s something fishy about them.  It was just the right size and it fit her complete persona, and that’s what made it so epic.

The way I view “epic boobs” is that a person’s body should complement their whole persona and that’s what made her breasts fucking epic because they completed her.  The mystery, the sexiness, the allure, it went with the way she waved her hand, her sexy accent, her hypnotic eyes.  I  am a blessed man to have seen epic boobs in my life and I just wish you the best in your epic boob hunting ventures.  Again guys, it’s not about the size, it’s about the experience.

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