Boobs alert are getting harder to come by

I write porn reviews for a living.  I get paid to look at gigabytes upon gigabytes of porn everyday.  It might seem “cool” but there’s a big problem—porn burnout.  I guess the same way a waitress working at a coffee shop gets kind of annoyed when she goes home after a hard day and sees yet another cup of coffee.   Depending on how you look at it, burnout can push you into a higher sense or lower sense of sensitivity to women’s bodies, to sexiness, to sex.  I feel like I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen thousand of models, pictures, videos, even webcam chats.  It’s hard to get fazed nowadays.

It’s really hard to say to myself “Whoa! Boobs alert!” or “nice rack”, or “nice hangers” or nice knockers.  Boobs alert is an  alert for high quality boobs.  I go over a lot of D cup pictures and a lot of them are just large breasts on women with soft buttery faces.  Most are homely.  It’s like looking at a cow, you know a cow is very homely yet it has large tits.  You don’t see me getting in line to nail a cow! So after seeing hundreds of these images per day , it is hard to come across with someone that would slap you in the face and yell “This is an amazing rack!”

My “problem” extends to busty celebrities.  We’re looking at B-C range.  There are not a lot of D cups!  Dolly Parton comes to mind but she doesn’t turn me on.  Sad.  So here I am… looking at all those double D cup, C cup, large C cup pictures and videos and quickly building up a tolerance.  The ocassional boobs alert is a very pleasant and welcome surprise.  Boobs alert require a nice rack  but also revolves around the quality of the model–how she looks, how she acts, how intense her fuck game is, that kind of thing.  I think for this new attitude of looking for quality should get me over the feeling of being jaded.  Nothing is worse for your job when you don’t get turned on anymore.  Using this standard I’d get to appreciate and spot a quality rack better.  Just like any specialist.  I’m sure if you’ve been to an ice cream shop, every cone of ice cream is good to you, but the guy who works there, who samples it day in and day out, he has to have a system to make sure that he is on alert for high quality ice cream. And that’s my philosophy when it comes to big boobies porn as well.  You should benefit from my experience.

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