Big boobs alert gone wrong

Back in college, I and my friends would play this stupid game. When we were walking down any hall – student hall, fraternity hall, or what have you, and we see a hottie crossing the street or just walking down the street with huge knockers, (at least D-cup or high end C-cup and at least 34), my buddies would say “shazam!”

One time, right after the big game against our rival college, we were quite drunk. We’re walking the street near sorority row and my buddies saw this chick with an amazing rack – I mean are talking at least 34 double D! It looks like somebody just decapitated Howie Mandell and stuffed two of his heads in this chick’s shirt – I mean it was just a sight to behold!  My buddies and I almost ran into each other because our eyes were just glued to her chest – just amazing!

So there was a lot of shouts of “shazam!” during that particular big boobs alert.  I think one of the sorority girls that was close by kind of figured out that we were ogling her sister’s tits.  She called to the rest of her sisters while we’re like just standing in  the corner and just talking to ourselves like idiots after that busty chick went into her sorority house. We had our back turned, and we were  standing on the corner talking about how big her tits was.  We thought that nobody was listening.  All of a sudden we heard severl pops. “Pop pop pop!” Water balloons were being dropped on us and these angry sorority girls laughing angrily and then yelling out “you sexist PIGS!” and “jerk” that kinda’ stuff. I was drunk and I was laughing so I kinda’ ran away with my buddies ‘coz I don’t think our sorority sex fantasies were about to happen that night.  Being lynched by angry sorority girls wasn’t exactly our goal at that time. That big boobs alert definitely back fired!  So next time you see a woman with an amazing rack walking towards you, keep your big boobs alert silent- just like a cellphone, don’t broadcast it to the world.  Just let your dick vibrate in your pants.

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